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The Beginning

We will not abide in any falsehoods.  We will not abide in false hope; nor false faith; nor false charity, because the Lord commanded us to abide in Truth!  We will abide in True Faith; True Hope; and, True Charity!  Cursed are all of you falsehoods!  You be removed; and, you be cast into the fire!  I make space for the Truth to come in, and abide.  Blessed is the Spirit of All Truth, which comes from God!  We will not abide any longer in false contentment and peace: but shall abide in True Contentment and True Peace!  Blessed is the Peace and Contentment which comes from God!  Be exalted!  Cursed are all of you false ways!  You be removed; and, you be cast into the fire!  There is no peace agreement with anything of the darkness.  When you attack the evil; it is going to attack you!  Be strong, because you shall subdue it, and cast it out!  The Lord has given us the Authority to defeat it!  Be not dismayed with the evil.  You are utterly destroyed, O darkness!  The Battle is the Lord’s!  I saw the great multitude of evils in a vision of dreams upon my bed; and, I awakened, and understood!  According to the names of those cities and their villages, which are shown in the Book of Joshua; and, according to these names, and the number of them thereof, are the evils that are destroyed from the heart.  The heart will fail with all of these evils in the heart.  The Angel of the Lord made the understanding to be clear to me.  The Word of the Lord is True!  The Lord does thoroughly purge His Temples, which are His people.  And, all who are thoroughly purged shall make up, and be that One Temple of the Lord!  True Light is established before the electric light!  My tongue is the pen of a ready writer.  No more distractions!  Amen!




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